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What is Third Zone Fitness?

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3 for 30 Fitness Challenge

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How does the 3 for 30 Fitness Challenge work?

Zone 1 - HYDRATE

In this first stage we will take care to hydrate the body daily, by drinking no less than 8 cups of water through out the day, while avoiding all carbonated and noncarbonated sugar based drinks for 30 days.  


In the second stage we will calibrate your system, cut calories, and regulate your metabolism to burn fat quickly and naturally by following our FREE Pick 3 clean eating meal plan. Through our Pick 3 meal plan you will have the freedom to build each of your meals by selecting a protein, a healthy carbohydrate and vegetables to create a perfectly portioned healthy meal that will leave you feeling less sluggish, healthier and more energized while shaving away that unwanted fat and those unwanted pounds. 


In this third and final stage we will burn fat and tone muscle by completing a simple  FREE 12 - 15 minute 3 set high intensity workout no less than 3 - 6 times per week. This is the perfect plan for beginners or those approaching the intermediate level who are having trouble cutting fat. Best of all you don't have to clutter your phone with another app, travel to the gym or lug around equipment.  You can complete your workouts any where, any time, with very little space.  That's the #3for30 difference!!

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We start... We finish... #WEDONTQUIT